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Alexander, Bruce D.



  • Existence: February 1922 - February 1, 2014


Bruce D. Alexander was born February 1922 in Denver to father Phillip Knox and mother Ruth Kassler Alexander. He attended the Choate School and Williams college before serving in the Amry Air Corps as a B-17 Navigator in World War II. Bruce had a highly successful banking career which culminated in his role as President of The First National Bank of Denver and The First National Bancorporation, influencing branch banking laws for the state and the country. After hir long banking career, he continued to make a difference in his community. Passionate about the outdoors, he served as Executive Director of Denver Botanic Gardens 1990-1991 and in the Webb Administration as Director of Parks and Recreation and Deputiy Mayor.

Bruce also served in the following:
  • Saint Joseph's Hospital board
  • Colorado Women's College board
  • Central City Opera board
  • Denver Symphony board
  • Committee member of Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry
  • Committee member of Governer Lamm's Boom Town and Water Conservation
  • Chair of of the Colorado Public Expenditures Council

Denver Post Bruce Alexander Obituary (2014)