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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 104 Collections and/or Records:

Board Meetings, 1996

Identifier: 33

1/5/96 letter to “Gift Shop Board” regarding notice of an upcoming independent audit of gift shop finances. Board meeting minutes (4) with balance sheets & endowment fund balances. Additional minutes of 2 Special Meetings held on 1/22/96 (to consider DBG funding request) and 12/4/96 (“to begin to put together an organizational structure for the Associates and define how that works with the volunteer office & staff.”)

Dates: 1996

Board Meetings, 1997

Identifier: 34

Board meeting minutes (4) with balance sheets & endowment fund balances.

Dates: 1997

Board Meetings, 1998

Identifier: 35
Abstract Board meeting minutes (4). 4/6/98 minutes reference letter from CEO Richard Daley regarding “transfer of the Gift Shop governance to the DBG and compensation to the Associates for their assets.” The letter stated that DBG would contribute a total of $100,000 over a 5-year period to the Associates endowment. 6/29/98 follow-up letter from John Proffitt, DBG Interim Exec. Director, with additional details regarding the transfer of the Gift Shop to DBG management. 7/20/98 minutes include the...
Dates: 1998

Board Meetings, 1999

Identifier: 36

Board meeting minutes (4) with financial reports. Summary of telephone discussion about endowment, including amount agreed upon with DBG for Gift Shop.

Dates: 1999

Board Meetings, 2001

Identifier: 38

Board meeting minutes (4). 4/16/2001 Joedy Arnold replaced by Marjorie Goldstein as Director of Volunteer Services. Memo from DBG Accounting Manager to Associates regarding DBG annual payment to Associates. Letter from President of DBG Board of Trustees to volunteers regarding recent articles in the Denver Post.

Dates: 2001

Board Meetings, 2002

Identifier: 39

Board meeting minutes (4). Year-end financial report. Letter to Janet Manning requesting her to serve on the Associates Board & chair of Mt. Goliath Guides.

Dates: 2002

Board Meetings, 2003

Identifier: 40

Board meeting minutes (6). Letter to Clark Greip re: Associates donation to DBG. Treasurer’s Reports & financial reports. 07/28/2003: new organizational strategy; Russ Schmuhl reported on Strategic Planning; board meetings schedule changed to monthly meetings. 8/25/2003: noted that quorum had been changed last October from 12 to 8.

Dates: 2003

Board Meetings, 2004

Identifier: 41
Abstract Board meeting minutes (10). Board roster (PII). Changes made in 2004: annual meeting held in January instead of April; board meetings to be held monthly instead of quarterly; will support a focus area rather than giving occasional cash gifts to DBG. Chose to support and manage the Adult Tour Guide Program for 5 years with financial support for program manager. Annual dues raised to $10 (from $5.00). Mission of the Associates was changed to “enhancing the volunteer experience with social...
Dates: 2004

Board Meetings, 2005

Identifier: 42

Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports, attendance for monthly meetings (July excepted). 3/28/2005, Anna Russo hired as director of Adult Tour Program; 9/26/2005 memo from Associates president, Russ Schmuhl, with approval for Anna Russo’s transition to full-time; 12/19/2005 invitation to meeting and menu at Ristorante Amore. Membership roster with contact information (PII).

Dates: 2005

Board Meetings, 2006

Identifier: 43
Abstract Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports for 9 meetings. 2/27/2006: Chatfield now affiliated with the Lady Bird Foundation. 4/17/2006: planning “Midnight Stroll” fundraiser. 5/15/2006: Midnight Stroll renamed “An Evening Under the August Moon.” 7/17/2006: continued planning for Under the August Moon, scheduled for August 9th. 8/21/2006: August Moon report. Letter dated September 20 from Roberta Tolan, Education Director & Kelly Groen, Volunteer Services Mgr. detailing DBG class benefits...
Dates: 2006

Board Meetings, 2007

Identifier: 44
Abstract Minutes of 12 monthly meetings, with some agendas and treasurer’ reports. 2/5/2007 email from President Carla Littlefield welcoming new board members with overview information. 3/8/2007 email from Connie Olson clarifying budget for the Adult Tour Program. 3/19/2007 minutes include announcement of selection of Brian Vogt as CEO. 5/16/2007 Letter from John Freyer re: endowment status. 7/17/2007 Letter from CFO Florence Welch with corrected totals for the endowment. 11/19/2007 meeting...
Dates: 2007

Board Meetings, 2008

Identifier: 45
Abstract Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports for 11 monthly meetings. 4/21/2008 considered reviewing & updating the Associates strategic plan. 7/28/2008 Finance Committee presented draft of projected endowment withdrawals (see Finance Committee file for detail). 8/18/2007 Russ Schmuhl reported on progress of review of strategic plan. Anna Russo announced her departure from her position at DBG; announcement of same to volunteers plus tour guide recruitment notice. 9/22/2008 Carla Littlefield...
Dates: 2008

Board Meetings, 2009

Identifier: 46
Abstract Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports for 11 monthly meetings. Beginning in February, fund-raising committee reported monthly on August fundraising event, “Under the August Moon.” 6/22/2009 Written update for Under the August Moon presented. 8/24/2009 Endowment totals $206,000. 9/21/2009 Old Business: Planning Committee meeting to discuss future plans & goals of the Associates. Recap of the Under the August Moon event. With 119 participants, the event was not profitable. Geographical...
Dates: 2009

Board Meetings, 2010

Identifier: 47
Abstract Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports for 11 monthly meetings. 2010 Board Roster (PII). 1/25/2010 minutes of Officer’s meeting following Annual Meeting. Kelly Groen, Volunteer Services asked for help with volunteer recognition event. Anita Cox reported from Futures Committee & need to recruit & retain members. Email from Anita with ideas for future planning. 3/22/2010 matching gift form; schedule of 2010 events with associated budget. 6/7/2010 meeting held at Chatfield attended by...
Dates: 2010

Board Meetings, 2011

Identifier: 48
Abstract Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports for monthly meetings. 3/2/2011 Summary of meeting at Chatfield. 3/19/2011 email re: mentor training; mentor training agenda; recruitment info. 3/28/2011 endowment donations to DBG & future distributions; report from Legacy Working Group with motions passed by the board related to the endowment; 4/25/2011 letter from President Anita Cox to John Freyer re: disbursements from the endowment to the Education Program & responses from Brian Vogt &...
Dates: 2011

Board Meetings, 2012

Identifier: 49

Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports for monthly meetings. 5/21/2012 Guidelines for Associate Volunteers & Event Planning Guidelines. 11/27/2012 Annual Report to the Board of Trustees. 12/3/2012 Year-end Financial Report. Associates Board roster (PII).

Dates: 2012

Board Meetings, 2013

Identifier: 50
Abstract Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports for monthly meetings. 2/25/2013 list of member’s highest ranked events for 2013. 3/25/2013 first coffee house event announced for 4/4. 6/24/2013 roster of Associates membership (PII). 7/22/2013 initiated plans for Associates’ 50th Anniversary program at 2014 Annual Meeting. 9/23/2013 planning for 2014 events. 12/2/13 review of 2012-13 events & attendance; criteria for creating Associates events; ideas for 2014 programs, year-end survey &...
Dates: 2013

Board Meetings, 2014

Identifier: 51
Abstract Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports for monthly meetings. 2/11/2014 Executive Committee meeting discussion items, budget considerations & summary of Associates income & expenses 2009-2014. 2/24/2014 Schedule for Associates programs & coffee houses. 4/28/2014 Options for Cowboy Breakfast event; thank you note from Joanna Kelly for $300 donation for Plant Sale. 5/19/2014 Expense report for Pollinator Hotel Workshop. 8/25/2014 List of potential 2015 programs. 9/22/2014 Thank you...
Dates: 2014

Board Meetings, 2015

Identifier: 52
Abstract Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports & committee reports for monthly meetings. 2/23/2015 Action items for 2015; report of Annual Meeting (committee members expenses); events questionnaire results; 2015 Committee members; Board roster (PII); Board member assignment related to priorities. 3/27/2015 Associates inventory. 4/27/2015 Potting Party income/expense summary. 5/18/201 Thank you from Joanna Kelly for $200 donation. 6/29/2015 Schedule of fliers & articles sent to members. ...
Dates: 2015

Board Meetings, 2016

Identifier: 53
Abstract Minutes, agendas, treasurer’s reports & committee reports (see Consent Calendars) for monthly meetings. 2/22/2016 Board meeting schedule for 2016; Board roster with contact information (PII); membership report; New Directions. 3/21/2016 Member survey individual responses; TAP report; email from President Eleanor Edwards re: remaining Board meetings. 5/23/2016 Consent Calendar. Major Subject: Transition for the Associates (2 versions). New Direction with details for the proposed...
Dates: 2016

Board Meetings, 1978

Identifier: 15

Meeting minutes (4). 4/10/78: determined how Trustees’ funding requests to Associates would be addressed. 7/10/78: approved revision of 1976 bylaws.

Dates: 1978

Board Meetings, 1979

Identifier: 16

Meeting minutes (3). 1/8/79 & 4/16/79 included separate treasurer’s reports.

Dates: 1979

Board Meetings, 1985

Identifier: 22

Meeting minutes (4) with balance sheets. 1/21/85 funding request & denial. 6/11/85 letter from Merle Moore thanking Associates for $9,002 to support DBG interns. Letter to board from Virginia Faxon, President, summarizing July board meeting decisions. 10/1/85 letter from Nancy Brittain with funding request. Random minutes of informal meeting of Chatfield volunteers.

Dates: 1985

Board Meetings, 1986

Identifier: 23

Meeting minutes (4) with balance sheets. 9/15/86 proposal for Blossoms of Light ’86. Year-end letter from Merle Moore to volunteers summarizing contribution of hours & funds to DBG. Memo to all department heads & staff re: the Associates. Year-end Financial Statement for years ended 9/30/86 and 1985.

Dates: 1986

Board Meetings, 1987

Identifier: 24

Meeting minutes (4) with balance sheets. 1987 Plant & Used Book Sale Chairman’s Volunteer Forum announcement.

Dates: 1987

Board Meetings, 1988

Identifier: 25

Meeting minutes (4) with balance sheets. 1/25/88 proposed amendments to bylaws & standing rules. 6/1/88 thank you letter from Merle Moore for $4,300 contribution for intern program. 9/1/88 letter from Merle Moore with funding requests.

Dates: 1988

Board Meetings, 1989

Identifier: 26

Meeting minutes (4) with balance sheets. Letter from Andrew Pierce, Acting CEO, with funding requests. Funding decisions by Associates. Survey form sent to Board members & committee heads to collect data re: problems, suggestions, accomplishments & volunteer hours contributed.

Dates: 1989

Board Meetings, 1990

Identifier: 27

Meeting minutes (4) with agendas & balance sheets. 1/22/90 welcome letter to Board; January Arboretum Volunteer Newsletter. 10/15/90 DBG funding request (suggestions); Board-approved funding decisions.

Dates: 1990

Board Meetings, 1991

Identifier: 28
Abstract Regular meeting minutes (4) with balance sheets, plus one special board meeting in December. 1/28/91 bylaws amendment proposed. 4/22/91 bylaws amendment approved. 7/15/91 gifting to DBG; letter from CFO Fred Weiss approving establishing a Restricted Endowment Fund; letter from CEO Bruce Alexander with funding request. 10/14/91 funding decision. Year-end summary letter of hours & funds contributed. 12/13/91 CEO Richard Daley proposed including the Associates’ annual contribution in the...
Dates: 1991

Board Meetings, 1992

Identifier: 29
Abstract Minutes (4) with balance sheets and Endowment Fund balances. 1/9/92 Letter from CEO Richard Daley to follow up on issues discussed at 12/13/91 Special Meeting. 1/27/92 Ann Bonnell’s “News from the Chatfield Arboretum.” The Boxelder, Chatfield Arboretum Volunteer Newsletter. 4/20/92 proposed Bylaws amendments were approved. Invitation to Volunteer Appreciation event. 7/20/92 Letter from CEO Richard Daley regarding Associates funding allocations. Special Board Meeting announcement for...
Dates: 1992